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Holistic Weight Management

January 29, 2021

Come meet Andrea Shoun (a fellow health educator at the CHEC). 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The idea of starting fresh in a New Year.
  • The benefits of creating intentions and resolutions (regardless of what time during the year).
  • The importance of stress management.
  • We speak a little to the concept of high sensitivity - a topic we will be doing a deep dive into in a later episode. 

The bulk of our time, though, is spent on the topic of Weight Management. We cover the controversy around weight as it relates to health (and the variety of viewpoints that exist in the health arena). We talk about what it looks like to stand at the intersection of loving your body as it is…while still engaging in behaviors that are associated with weight management. And we grapple with the challenge of holding a space for the fact that while weight loss does appear to yield tangible benefits for health…it’s not as simple as perhaps we have been made to believe it is.